06 December 2007

Going Backwards.

Pope Benny seems to be going backwards again. Abusing indulgences got the Catholic Church a bad name back in the 1500's and quite rightly too. Implying that pilgrimages to Lourdes will cut off time in Purgatory in order to up the visitor number can't be very good theology. As an ex Catholic I don't believe in Purgatory, the "miracle" at Lourdes etc now, actually I don't think I ever believed in them especially not Lourdes, even as a young un I was left pretty cold by the Marian apparitions and how they were spun to us at school. But, but the thing is - if you've "sinned" or felt you've done wrong either on an internal scale or to someone else the best way to make that good isn't to traipse off to France it's to make good to the person you've hurt.


  1. Ah. If only the major world religions relied a little less on doctrine, and a little more on common sense!

  2. Yeah that would be nice, but unfortunately very unlikely.

  3. Wow. For I moment there I thought you said, "Even as a young nun."

    That would've been one hell of a back-story...

  4. "The waters of the French shrine are said to have miraculous healing powers."

    I truly believe that it can cure dehydration, and I selflessly volunteer to undergo a fully controlled, double-blind test against another tasteless, odourless liquid: vodka. Purely in the interests of science you understand...

    "The pontiff also said believers who prayed at places of worship dedicated to Our Lady of Lourdes from 2-11 February next year would also be able to receive indulgences."

    It's Happy Hour!

  5. Oh no. Let's drag religion backwards.

    Whether indulgences are real or not (I suspect not - just a nice little earner) this smites of taking ten steps backwards at a time when the church needs to move forwards. When the problems of gay clergy, women priests, "The Golden Compass" make headlines, the last thing needed is an historical problem resurrected.

    Although, I wonder if this might be a non-news story in order to hide something else? After all, the pope is a politician, really.

  6. Selina - I agree entirely but unfortunately the present pope seems to think that the best way to deal with modern problems is to turn back the clock to pre vatican II probably Vatican I too i suspect. I suppose as an Atheist I should be cheering on the possible retreat from relevance of the Catholic Church but I would rather that it withered on the vine without thinking up old ways of wasting peoples money.

  7. Money and control, that's what it's all about.

    And coupling "time" and "purgatory" is patently absurd: if you accept the logic of an after-life, surely it's outside space/time?

    Or something...