21 November 2007

We Is Watching The Football

Lampard has just scored off a penalty and yes it was a penalty Simunic did tug on Defoe's shirt. I'll give that Defoe fell down artistically, a bit like a maiden aunt at her first Robert Mapplethorpe exhibition but it was still a penalty.

My team, Scotland, failed to qualify over the weekend, Norn Iron and Wales are out too. We, Scotland can take heart in that we are a team from a small country who performed well above expectations in a tough group, but *sob* we still dinnae qualify.

If England go out then..... The last thing the Russians did well was poison the sushi and that's not a recognised move in any sport.

21:22 Peter Couch has just become our second favourite lanky Englishman.

Ohhhh it's all exciting.

Update - but ultimately England were crap.


  1. So.... 4 nations football tourny next summer?

  2. Anyone else up for a bit of kicker, jumpers for goalposts stylee?

  3. And you can take that Mr McLaren back north of the border too, don't think we don't know what you Scots were up to!!!