16 November 2007

W-Day minus 2

And now...

The marathon wedding blog(s)

This mostly for me, I'm doing it mostly because I want to have words written somewhere to spark my memories.

I'm going to start at Thursday...

I had originally planned to take Thursday off so that I had a couple of days to sort things out for the big day but due to the car breaking down the week before I was beginning to run out of leave so I went in to work that morning, 25 October 2007.

It was a mistake, for the last few weeks neither Simon or I had been sleeping properly nerves, worries about the wedding organisation and just general excitedness had left the both of us very tired. I wasn't very much use when I got in, I felt exhausted. The office had decorated my desk and done their worst with clip art to let everyone in the building know I was getting married. But I didn't feel happy, I couldn't properly appreciate the effort that they had gone to as I just wanted to curl up into a ball under the desk and sleep.

They did a presentation for me, the boss told everyone that we had met through the internets blogs, as an aside he said that he had been trying to find Si's blog but hadn't succeeded! That gave me a moment of sheer blind panic but Ady said that it didn't show.

A little while later when trooped back in the office, Simon rang me to see how I was doing on my last day at work as a single woman... I cried down the phone at him. It wasn't that I was upset about getting married, it was exhaustion and temporary misery due to lack of sleep. By the time Si had cheered me up and my colleagues had decided that it was safe to come back to my end of the office I had come to my senses and took the rest of the day off.

I don't really remember the rest of day I'm pretty sure I spent a lot of the afternoon napping and the evening tidying and planning what we would be doing on the Friday.

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  1. Heh. I was discussing my boyfriend's artwork with my Mom the other day and she goes, "I saw it. I googled him."

    I just said, "..... ... and?"

    "It's beautiful."

    Always an interesting day around here.