01 November 2007


One of the beauties of using a Spanish keyboard is that you don´t have to search for hours for the shortcuts to ñ ç or ¿. We are slowly going a very British pink, the water is bracingly cold first thing in the morning becoming bearably cold by mid afternoon. We have been busy doing almost nothing at all just eating, the occasional swim and drink. There are loads of bars and in the dining room they have fruit juices, water, coffee, beer and wine red rose and white on tap and self service. Water is probably the hardest drink to get your hands on which is slightly dangerous as the temptation just to have San Miguel all day is rather tempting.

Oh and they have the internets, only 4 machines which are usually in use but it´s the height of the day here so most people are either eating, having a nap or soaking up those extra strong rays. Which is probably where we will be heading a few minutes.


  1. Aah... Sounds blissful. Great to hear you're having a good time.

  2. Sorry I'm a bit late with this (various upheavals at home and so on at the moment) but just want to offer my congratulations and best wishes for the future. Enjoy the Canaries!