20 October 2007

On Getting Back

I was tired after my flight back from Sweden. Being vibrated for hours on end is not conducive to rest or well being. Yesterday I had to leave work early in order to pick up my new contact lenses, I have switched to soft lenses after almost two decades using gas permeables. The lenses are far more comfortable to wear but a palaver to put in and remove seeing as they are the size of small pudding bowls. I building up my tolerance so I should be up to full wearing by the wedding.

I went to Cambridge today to pick up the dresses - mine and Anne's. They are hanging up in white dress bags in the living room now. I am so tempted to show Simon but the groom not seeing the dress until the day of the wedding is one frippery I want adhere to.

This afternoon Si and I went into Lynn, we had an al fresco lunch by the river then, fortified by baked potatoes and beans we headed into the town to do the hard shopping for next Saturday. M&S, Monsoon, Woolworths were all gone through like hot knives through treacle. There were some lovely skirts and tops in the Per Una range that had to be admired. Monsoon was a cavern of jewelled coloured dresses and accessories which was very distracting and Woolworths a confusing mess of cheapness. But we got what we wanted.

West Lynn From Over The River

We are now in the final throws - this is our last week of being separate, we can now say "this time next week we'll be married" etc. I'm often asked if I'm nervous: about getting married - no. About the wedding and its organisation yep I'm worried that it all won't pull together, I think I'll relax properly when it's Friday night and the shops are shut, it will be like Christmas eve - finally too late to worry about anything. You should not get too concerned for me though, I'm pretty sure we've sorted out almost everything and if we've not thought of something now it can't be too important.


  1. Wishing you and Simon both all the best for next weekend & beyond.
    I just retuned from my cousins wedding this last week & she was under all the same stresses. Calm about the wedding stressed about the arrangements.
    Don't worry, little things cant be planned for & people step up & take control, you wont even know they happened,
    But then the perfect day for everyone, is that what really matters?

  2. Eek - how exciting. Hope it all goes to plan. Can't wait to hear about it!

  3. Jackie and I wish you and Simon all the very best for the big Day. We hope you'll both be very happy as 'one'.
    Hugs Davina and Jackie