01 October 2007


It's not a matter of whether I will cry at the wedding, I think it is more in the area of do bears shit in woods, no the question is how much? A slight moistening of the eye or the full inconsolable, mascara ruining howl. I am very susceptible to emotion, it's a family trait; my cousin when a little girl could be made to cry by just saying to her "poor Kate" and she would howl. Simon has chosen a track for the ceremony that makes me cry every time, it moves me inordinately, but I've been trying to inoculate myself to it by playing the track on my ipod on the way to and from work, so far it hasn't worked, we do have time for exposure to take effect however if we sign the register to "The Sun Has Got His Hat On" you'll know why.


  1. Oh, I have tracks like that. None of which would be wedding-appropriate, I don't think...

  2. I only cry at weddings when the cash bar does not have the kind of beer I like :)

    If I ever get married, Ill order a keg or two of stout, and a keg or two of pale ale. Guests will enjoy a black and tan or nothing! HAHAHHAHAAHAAHA!

    Or they can have just a stout or just a pale ale.

    I will allow guests to bring their wine, but there will be a $10 corking fee.