25 September 2007

Pippi Longstocking

I changed jobs recently at work, new contractors, new kit, new contracts but same old office, pay and long commute but new perks. I'm going to Sweden next month for a meeting and I'm inordinately excited which is daft but in the last 6 years I hardly went anywhere, once to Scotland and once to Germany. Aha, you might cry "but lots of jobs are like that" I agree, that's true but it's a bit galling when normally you never get to go any further than the next county when half your colleagues are jet setting around the world and are doing the faux world weariness about being upgraded to first class when they got to LAX, again.

I've checked out the sites - on google earth at least and will be investing in the krona shortly... now does M.A.C have a concession at Heathrow?


  1. Yes, yes it does. I'm currently loving the eyeshadow in Twinks, but I think there's a special limited edition range of smokey eye type stuff out at the moment...

  2. You get to go to a meeting in Sweden?? I need to get the hell out of this dump.

    When I go to a meeting, I get to go to........THE MEETING ROOM! It is 25 feet from my desk, and nowhere near Sweden.

  3. Sweden is a lovely place to visit, i completly enjoyed going there, hopefully you'll have a bit of time to see it and won't be stuck in an office all day!

  4. Hannah, I'm loving the look of the smokey eye shadow quartet too.

    Iggy - I know! but normally I get to go to the meetings that are just down the corridor.

    Freyia - It's just a flying visit so it will probably be mostly offices :(

  5. Foreign meetings always sounds glamorous but I guess they are deathly dull.

    I've had colleagues get the gig to run training sessions around Europe, which sounds great. The reality is a flight at the crack of dawn, taxi to venue, all day in an anonymous meeting room, then back to the airport and home. You hardly see anything of the country you're in and might as well have had a day in London....

    But hey - have fun anyway ;)

  6. Jo - It's not too bad, two nights away and free wifi in the hotel so I shall be taking the family lap top with me.