16 September 2007

Night Out

We had a lovely night out on Saturday with Siobhan, Isobel and Jo at Pink Punters, as Siobhan said it was not very busy, normally when we go it is bursting at the seams but we had no problems find a seat getting served and there was no queue for the loos which is almost unheard of in most night clubs. It was also the first time we had been out strutting our funky stuff since the smoking ban came into effect. It was bliss not to pick up clothes the next day that stuck of old smoke, but it did cause a fragmentation to the conversations in the evening as Siobhan popped in and out for a ciggie. I took my camera and took mostly rubbish photos, my ambitions out way my technical knowledge and my equipment, the best photo of the night was this one of Siobhan, who is always willing to strike a pose for the camera.

"Ready For My Close Up"

Today, we made our way home slowly via IKEA for lunch and a nosy about(we didn't buy anything not even a bag of tealights and a ludicrous soft toy). We were most taken by the soft closing action of one the kitchens, and we managed to get our hands on the catalogue too.

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