21 September 2007

Bullying Bloggers

I hope Merk won't mind but I'm just gonna lift this straight from Mailwatch

"It appears that simply removing ‘offending material’ from ones blog isn’t enough for some web hosts - friend of the Mailwatch (he did our logo) Tim Ireland'

s Bloggerheads, ex-Uzbekistan British Ambassador Craig Murray, Labour Councillor Bob Piper and Boris Johnson MP’s blogs have all disappeared off the interweb today because a high flying (no doubt high charging) law company has used it’s legal status to bully the ISP into shutting down the sever all these blogs reside on.

Whilst info is sketchy at the moment but it appears that it all relates to some posts and linkage about Russian Billionaire Alisher Usmanov. My understanding is that the comments his law team objected to were removed when requested days ago. This is a disgrace.

I don’t normally post non Mail/Express stuff on here but I felt the need to let people know what is happening with those blogs in case you’re wondering and just to point out that what we’re doing here, or if you blog yourself is fast becoming a risky business if those with unlimited cash can effectively bully those without into the submission of their supposed free speech - even after the comments are removed as requested!

Please feel free to comment but do bear in mind that I’ll be liable in court and I really need to keep hold of the 16pence credit in my bank and my 7 year old Vauxhall Astra!

Heads up to Iain Dale , Tom Watson , Chicken Yoghurt , Obsolete"
Fasthosts is the ISP just in case you were thinking about choosing a host in the near future.

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  1. Thanks for posting that. I've posted a similar thing to my delicious but haven't got round to writing something on my blog yet.

    As as Arsenal fan, I am appalled that my club is being linked with a thug like Usmanov as he buys more and more shares in the club. We don't want his sort round here...

    I hope that by getting this out on as many blogs as possible Usmanov and his rotweiller lawyers will realise you cannot stifle free speech.