06 August 2007

Proper Spelling

I've only just noticed but Blogger now offers British English or as we like to call it in the Mother Country "English" no longer do I have to center documents I centre them, I can use vivid colours and talk about jewellery and woollen socks as these are some of my favourite things to talk about. If only it could spot "gotten" as the misbegotten declination of get that it is.

In other news, the harvest is in full swing, the fields are being combined and the straw rolled up into bales. Then the farmers move it, I think that they are secretly moving straw amongst themselves, Farmer A is buying Farmer B's straw bales whilst he is selling his bales to Farmer C who supplies Farmer B and A with barley bales. Surely there can be no need for such long caravans of lorries loaded with straw bales? In some cases it's being hauled by beat up, rusty pick up trucks with a trailer behind but mostly it's big lorry loads of the stuff. I'm amazed at how much dust is thrown up by the combine harvesters I was expecting bits of stalk, irritated thunder bugs and wheat grains but not dust.

And finally I'm going to try to make Lemon Couscous cake tomorrow, I don't have any lemon curd so I'm going to try substituting it with mandarin mullerlight any thoughts?


  1. Only thought is that your blog software is not using British English: it's mandarin, not manderin.

  2. Um, yes. Buy Lemon Curd. See you in Tesco's!

  3. I would be too lazy to type in British. Why type color as "colour"? So I have to press one extra key? No thanks, too lazy.

    When I do not have that computer geek finger disease thing I will be glad I did not type words using extra letters.

    Nobody here can speak proper English anyway. Case and point - this guy

    It is very embarrassing. If I ever visit the UK I need to pretend to be deaf and from Canada. I think I can pull that off.

  4. I Agree. My pet hate is software that offers the choice of "US English" or "International English"..

    We should start a campain to have them labelled as "US English" and "Proper English"

  5. Selina - if both spellings are acceptable then the error is totally down to me rather than the English spell checker.

    Steg - Gone for the yoghurt

    Iggy - This is why we had an empire ;-)

    Joanna - I don't even think we need to put the "Proper" we spell English the others deviate away from that.

  6. If you count Puerto Rico (which nobody does) then America has an empire too. A really small one.

    Trade you Puerto Rico for Bermuda?