15 August 2007

Phew That Was Hard Work

I've just completed a job application form, they are never easy to do, I agonise over what to put whether it is what they want to hear or am I putting in too much or too little. I will get back to blogging nonsense tomorrow.

Meanwhile here is a pretty picture of a flower.


Not bad for a 2 megapixel mobile phone camera.


  1. oooh lovely picture! don't envy you doing job application forms, my heart sinks just thinking about it!

  2. Nice pic :-) hope the job app goes well - what are you looking to do?

    PS - the SP sends her love and says thanks for wishing her well x x x

  3. I just put everything that will fit on job applications. Or if the form is basic I just fill it out and include a resume. If they do not want me then they can piss off. That is how I feel about it. I would probably not want to work there anyway.

    That is THE BEST cell phone photo I have ever seen. Really. The best. Hands down. No question about it. It is way beyond "not bad" for a phone camera. It is AMAZING for a camera phone.

  4. Thanks everyone. JB - I'm glad the small person is feeling a lot better.