19 July 2007

I Blame Ian MaCaskill

We're going to a ball tomorrow evening, I'm getting rather excited now, I picked up our tickets today, we are promised champagne, chocolate fountains, bands, cocktail bar and fireworks. Pimms and canapés on the Veranda, that sort of thing. It should be absolutely spiffing except this....


it's going to look like a posh Glastonbury by the dodgems so tomorrow I'm going to be scouring the shops of Lynn for gold lamé wellies.


  1. I got some Pimms #1 left over from last year. Is it still good? Anyhow I am going to lug it to the vacation location. I need more lemonade.

  2. I forgot to bring the Pimms. I left it at home. Can you believe that? I always forget something.