23 July 2007

Dwarf Bread

As part of our exciting get slim at a sensible pace regime we have been eating a lot of fruit and vegetables as you would expect but each diet or reducing methodology no matter how sane it claims to be and is in many cases has it's own quirks and favoured products which get frequently mentioned in recipes and "handy tips". So along with the cottage cheese and mullerlight yoghurt we've been trying scan bran

Scan Bran

Scan Bran is the dwarf bread of slimming, it is exceptionally dry, tastes like plywood and can sap moisture out of anywhere, I've broken it up to see if it was possible to crumble it or whether that was just an urban myth and I could feel it wicking all the moisture from my finger tips. Our consultant swears by it, "look at so and so she eats lots of scan bran and she's managing to lose weight despite the pork pie habit." But she doesn't claim to eat it herself. It seems to work on the basis of: you're hungry, all you've got is scan bran but by the time you've managed to soften a small corner you've fallen asleep.

1 comment:

  1. 85% dry bran? My mouth has desiccated even at the thought.