27 July 2007

Ads I loathe

Normally I'm fairly laid back about the adverts on the telly (cue hollow laughs from the sofa next to me) but right now there is a crop of really annoying crap adverts. They are memorable that's true which is one of the aims of any advert but these fail the biggest test of making me want to buy. Any half decent ad plants the idea into your head, right now Becky is trying to persuade me that we should go to M&S tomorrow to do our weekly shop so that we get the free fairtrade dipping chocolate. Now that's an ad that works we want chocolate we want it now and we want it from M&S however we will not be getting it as we were strong and more importantly Marks and Sparks are closed right now.

No these ads just make me want to never try to the product.

The Kellogg's Bran Flakes advert with all the fake health fads - just eating a bowl of Kellogg's, a bit of fruit and drinking more water is not going to make you healthy: you have to stop eating crap and this ad is shit.

MFI - Arguing, horrible families - why would anyone want to associate themselves with that?

Orange Mobile Phone - Faux naive songs seemingly aimed at morons hate, hate, hate.


  1. The MFI advert that worries me the most is the one where the guy appears to have just used the toilet... those sample toilets aren't usually plumbed in!!

  2. When I first saw the MFI ad with the stroppy girl (Debbie from Shameless!) my first thought was that it was going to be one of those hard-hitting NSPCC adverts.

    Its an amusing ad, but a bit too realistic at the start.

  3. You can also put that ad from Vauxhall in - you know, the one where they claim to actually care about 'carbon footprints'. Makes me want to go rock & roll on the TV!


  4. the orange adverts often get a volley of v signs from the sofa round here :)

  5. There going to taste great.......

  6. The Direct Line one is also getting on my wick.