02 June 2007

The one with all the shopping

Went to Cambridge today to meet up with Anne to look for suitable dresses. I didn't have any expectations of seeing anything suitable, really it was an excuse to have a shufty round the shops of Cambridge with Anne and catch up on her news, We were just looking at dresses to get some ideas for what I wanted.

I didn't even know that the shop existed.

I don't think that it's like that shop from Discworld; the one that only appears when the plot requires. Actually I think that Anne knows Cambridge a bit better than I do. We thought we would try it on a whim, no doubt attracted by the jewel like colours of the dresses and the sparkle of the bling glinting in the afternoon sunlight. 90 minutes later we left, having resisted the fuschia velvet evening gloves, the diamanté hair grips and a malibu trimmed stole that was particularly hard to put down. We may not be so strong when we return for yes dear reader the dress have been found the colours chosen and the deposit paid, now the fun stuff can start.


  1. Of course you do realise that when you go back the shop will not be there, and noone will ever recall it ever being there, except for a small sprinkling of glitter near a bare brick wall......

  2. I remember it and so does my bank manage!!!! But it is worth it because you will look stunning in he dress and if you are happy them so am I. It was good to catch up and hopefully (work allowing) we will be able to do it again soon and look at shoes and make up and hair stuff etc. Now if you will excuse me I have a cheif bridesmaid/best person/all round good guy speech to write.... xxx

  3. Anonymous04 June, 2007

    Sorry for the spelling mistakes/typos but it is late and I am rather drunk AND blonde...

  4. Jo - don't worry we will track it down. Anne is trained in these sorts of things.

    Anne - how's the head today? Thanks for your help.