06 May 2007



It's the May Day Bank Holiday tomorrow although it hasn't felt at all like a bank holiday this weekend apart from the scum bag traffic on Friday which made me miss a Doctors appointment as even allowing 1 1/2 hours to get home wasn't enough if there are too many caravans and idiots on the road.

I'd forgotten what it's like to live on the tourist route; trails of caravans, coaches full of over excited old biddies and outrageously bad driving from tired and harassed drivers. Harrogate town swarmed with visitors almost 11 out of 12 months and for the week of the Great Yorkshire Show all roads into Harrogate would be virtual car parks. Where I used to live didn't, as really there was nothing to do or see there after about 5 minutes so no caravans.


Yardarm TimeYesterday was "24 Hours Of Flickr" basically an excuse for me to take my camera out and about. Unfortunately it was grey and cloudy, it's very hard for anywhere to shine in that sort of light. The sun did eventually come out but only in time to illuminate dinner and show that it was past the yardarm. That was the picture I added to the flickr group.

Dr Who

Wooo that was good! Great story, I was so involved that I didn't recognise the Welsh Assembly Building even though Simon was saying "Oooh we've been there" I didn't see it. However as consistently good as these series has been so far there hasn't been a knock out episode for me, The best episodes have lingered in the mind, none of these have yet had that quality.

There is no Dr Who next week because of Eurovision, which I do lurve, but I'd rather have next epi of Dr Who as it looks rather good and Capt Jack is back!

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  1. I think last Saturday's, and the gridlock one were my favourite Dr Whos of the season so far...