05 April 2007

Hanging On The Telephone

It's a common compliant I know, the length of time you can be kept listening to tinny music and insincere expressions of regret for you wait as "all our operators are busy" I'm currently waiting for NTL Virgin Media disconnections department to talk to me so that I can cancel my phone and broadband subscriptions. I've been waiting for 11 minutes now most of that time has been spent listening to the same 15 second snippet of dreary guitar music looped ad nauseum, being asked to hold the line as they rack up the pennies as the free phone number I should be able to use doesn't seem to work.

It's 19 minutes now apart from a brief interruption from a human being I thought he was going to be able to actually help what with questions about the length of my inside length and whether I scored "not placed" or "did not finish" in the Primary 3 egg and spoon race for security reasons, but no it was not to be and I'm back to listening to the same crap music in all it's fifteen second glory.

24 Minutes


To vague 1990s style ambient but it doesn't seem to be on a very short loop

29 Minutes

At last someone can help me! Service from a man called Lee from the North East judging by his accent who was able to deal with my request in two minutes flat. I asked him to register my complaint about having to wait so long and he told me that the company were aware and it had been even worse up until recently! I think I got away lightly with only 31 minutes to cancel down my services.


  1. I will assume then that I will not have a snowballs chance in hell of changing my £18/month 1mb connection to the £18/month 2Mb connections without getting some sort of bill passed through the Lords ?

  2. I spent 30 minutes and was transfered 4 times in order to end my virgin broadband last week - the music made me want to cry...

  3. Just hang up, write them a cross letter stating how much they suck, and inform them you will no longer be paying them for service.

    The disconnect guy will be over in short order to pull the plug.

    This is how I had to dump my cable TV service. Calling them was pointless. So I went to the local office and just said "I ain't paying this here bill!" while wearing my cowboy hat and George Bush mask. Problem solved.

    Nothing says "I do not require your service anymore" like a missing check.

  4. After 90 minutes on the phone to countless different people, 1 very long ranting email and a 4 page very ranty letter, I've now got my broadband half price for the next six months, a £10 credit from one woman, a £25 credit from another woman a few days ago and who knows what from a Virgin Media guy who keeps trying to contact me!!!

    Stick with it, they're DESPERATE to keep you :-D

  5. I put down the fact that it took so long for them to deal with me to the vain hope that I would get fed up waiting on the line so that I could organise my disconnection and decide that paying roughly £35 per month was the path of least resistance.

    They can't keep me as cable doesn't reach as far as Lynn :D

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