10 March 2007

The One With The Clutter Busting

Seeing as Simon and I are getting married this year and I will be moving to King's Lynn, we've decided that the sooner I move in the better. There are plenty of good reasons for this - we get to be together, only have one household to feed and it will make getting my flat into a ready state for selling easier as there will be less stuff in it. Most of my stuff will go into storage until we get a house together, so with that in mind I've started the rationalisation of stuff. I went through my wardrobe: end result several bags for charity, one pile of clothes for Si to take home with him because I won't be wearing them in the near future and a much emptier closet.

Then we tackled the first of the bookshelves, no point in have two copies of a book, so we rationalised what was on the bookcase as a consequence one young girl is going to get almost the complete set of Terry Pratchett's Discworld novels published to date and more bags of books to go into the Registry's perpetual second hand book fair at work.

Tomorrow I'm going to make several families of dust bunnies homeless when the boxes under the bed get hoiked out from under there for Si to take back with him for storing.

It's a start at least, there are more bookshelves to go, the music (duplicates to be got rid of), DVDs and videos likewise, the "woodshed", linen and then the kitchen stuff to be thinned out. And that's before we go through roughly 20 tonnes of wedding ephemera needs to collected together and taken to Lynn


  1. Moving to Lynn, eh? It must be love!

  2. 20 tonnes of wedding ephemera needs to collected together and taken to Lynn
    Well that's very kind but... [whispering] Oh the place! Sorry. I'll get my coat. :)

    Good luck with the life laundry tho. There's always eBay if you can be bothered.

  3. You are efficient! T. and I have been together for 15 years now and we still haven't got rid of all those duplicate albums (vinyl!) and books.
    Best wishes to you both.

  4. Steg - It is love, it is... Ack Lynn isn't that bad, it's got far better shops than my bit of East Anglia and more culture.

    Lynn - I looked at Ebay for some of the music posters I had from Uni but the ones I was willing to sell were not worth selling. The ones I want to keep well... I want to keep.

    Boolbar - Hi there, welcome to Slothblog. It's not so much efficiency as a future huge lack of space.