15 March 2007

Ever wondered about What Happened to Selina Scott?

Well worry no more she's been seen safe and sound narrating Fire Safety DVDs.

I went for my annual fire training today, rumours had been circulating around the water coolers at work that the fire trainers finally had a new video. No more would we have to see that dozy lad set fire to the building by putting his paper work over the toaster, no more would we have to suffer the self conscious standing round of bad actors in 80's style glasses.

And lo the rumours proved to be true - our fire trainer was very proud of his new training DVD and power point presentation except for the gif for the fun fire engine that nee nahed its way across the screen at one point. He was very firm that it wasn't his fault and that he had been over ruled by those with more power but less sense of the design aesthetic.

The DVD well... it's a sign of the times - the cause of the factory's demise was not a dozy YTS lad making himself toasted muffins for elevenses it a dozy spotty oik having a crafty fag in the stationary warehouse Oh how the changing concerns of a nation are reflecting in its training videos. I'm afraid that my attention was completely taken by the early to mid 90's outfits that the women Selina included were wearing. loads of "peachy feel luxury fabric" tops and short black skirts with black tights and court shoes, a few shoulder pads were still in evidence. To be honest I'm not sure whether I'm supposed to spray powder at a computer on fire or chuck the fire extinguisher at it, Selina's inadvisable black boots made me forget all I had learnt. Ah the Nineties it could be scary out there folks.


  1. I thought she was working as Frank Bough's rubber gear powderer! That and making documentaries about how rubbish TV is now that she is no longer presenting incisive items on leg warmers and their effect on the economy (I seem to be ever so slightly obsessed by leg warmers today...)

  2. Who is Selina Scott?

    Fire training sounds like a whole lot of fun. Multiple eye rolls. Almost as much fun as the sexual harassment seminars so popular here.

  3. Iggy - she was a very popular newsreader and TV presenter during the 80s who suddenly disappeared at some point during 1993 as far as I can tell. Wiki has a stub about her.

  4. But Jane, you don't mention how awake she looked. She could barely keep her eyes open on Breakfast Time, by Sunday afternoon and The Clothes Show, she was fine - perhaps it was the adreneline rush from those leg warmers?

    Now what was that about powder fires?