17 February 2007

Poorly Sloth

I have an incredibly sore throat, my voice is rapidly disappearing, this tiny print is the visual equivalent. I was supposed to be looking at dresses and stuff with Anne my chief bridesmaid today but after her hearing what I sounded like this morning, she suggested that it was best we postpone til next Saturday and that I go back to bed pronto.

So I'm still alive, just not feeling too clever at the moment.


  1. Aww, poor you. Hope it soon passes.

  2. Get well soon, Jane!

    Get that fiancé of yours to make you a nice hot toddy with extra honey! :-)

  3. Get well soon! I've just recovered from a rather nasty cold, and it only took 3 days, so the end is in sight!


  4. I wish some of our elected officials would loose their voice. For ever. It would make it a lot easier to ignore the stupid stuff they say.

    But you are not elected to any office, so I do hope your funk passes quickly. As long as you promise to never try to be the Prime Minister.

  5. You'd be a great Prime Minister. I'd vote for you.