30 December 2006

Round up of the year 2006: September and October


Pop about being a day late

I also found a new blog The Razorblade of Life, Z produced this beautiful writing on motherhood.

Sim, did Monsters

You know you have friends when they do something like this for you


Most Wrong Thing Evah

Kim gets the dibs for linking to this

MLIGCS loved her roomie

Russia: it's not always that bad as Val's friend Mila found out

Chixulub would like to warn you not to do this at home. I laughed so hard I hurt myself.


  1. Well, thank you, honey. I hadn't read that since it was posted. It's like hearing a recording of yourself, you know you said it but you don't quite recognise the voice.

  2. I followed the your link to the photo of the space station, with the sun as a dramatic backdrop. Looking over my shoulder, Vanessa asked:
    V) "Wow! How did they get so close to the sun?"
    I) (effecting a Father Ted accent)
    "No, Dougal."
    (points at the space station) "Small"
    (points at the sun) "Far away."

  3. Z - no worries, I know what you mean about reading past stuff, it feels a bit odd.

    Isobel - rofl