29 December 2006

Round up of the year 2006: July and August

In July

I became a tranny pop after several hours of pleading pay off.

Iggy celebrated Independence Day in the states in his own imitable way!

Urban Chick highlighted the latest Edinburgh taste sensation.

Gordon ate all the pasties. Gordon is one of those bloggers who consistently writes at high standards. Worth the visit just for this line: "This is usually said in a tone that suggests that if you don’t place your order in the next three seconds, somewhere a kitten will meet a brief yet painful death. Probably in a blender."

Becky did cartoons


Lee pondered the street stoppers. I found Lee through pure luck, I was flicking through flickr when I saw this picture. I had a look at his profile, saw he had a blog which I enjoyed immensely as I bimbled through his archives. Then I saw that not only does he know Kim from Mildly Diverting he had shared a flat with her. Which all goes to prove that really there are only about 5 people in the world.

Not a blog but art instead, Bex has blogged about her and I really admire her work too, check this out - Choose Love by Bridget Love

Dear John letters are so hard to write.


  1. Not much has changed since July 2006. I am still hooked on British style beer. Lately I have become quite fond of porters and brown ales.

  2. Still a man of taste :)