24 December 2006

Not Obsessed

I am not obsessed by weddings!

OK they are something I have thought about in an idle moment over the last 34 years or so but not really even a day dream. There have been long periods in my life when I thought that I would never arrive at the circumstances where marriage was a possibility so even when I did think about it, it wasn't with napkin colour and designs in mind. So now that I am going to get married we've got a lot to decide and think about.

I want to be married to Simon and soonish, I know what is important to me - stating in front of our families and friends that I love Simon so much that I want to spend the rest of my life with him and because it is something that we believe in I want to enter into the marriage contract with him. That is all that really matters the rest is "just fluff"™ However deciding which bits of fluff we want to discard and which bits we want to keep or invent new for ourselves, needs thinking about so I bought a couple of "Wedding" magazines for "inspiration".

They are bloody awful.

Materialistic, obsessed on the trivial ephemera that surrounds weddings, they seem to have an agenda to tell brides that their weddings will be pitiful thin things that no one will have enjoyed or remembered unless a lot of money has been spent on pointless shite . Some are awfully icky - referring to the future groom as "h2b" yuck :-s.

I suppose I was being naive to expect these magazines not to champion the old wedding clichés but I was very disappointed at how light they were on useful information. Personally I don't think just saying you must wear waterproof mascara is good enough, tell us which one is best and prove it. All in all I haven't been inspired just depressed at all the crap that seems to surround getting married.


  1. Ignore them all. You sound like you know what's important to you - don't let the crap overshadow it.

    A very merry Christmas to you and Simon. :)

  2. Hannah's right. You'd don't sound like you need much advice. Just ignore all the "pointless shite" and all will be well.

    Happy Xmas, babe!

  3. You are on the right track ignoring the magazines. Just trash them. Or if you have a fireplace - torch them. They burn nicely.

    Just do what you want to do. Do not be influenced by people trying to sell you crap.

    Have a great Christmas!