18 December 2006

It's cold outside

First off, thank you all for your congratulations and best wishes, it's quite overwhelming. I don't think that it has properly settled in yet, I keep looking at my finger and thinking wow "I'm getting married" There will be a lot to sort out, most importantly we have to identify what we really need to do and what is just fluff, Si and I are going to workshop this shortly in the new year. Si's done PRINCE II and I've been at enough bloody "kick off" meetings to be very familiar with most of the brain storming techniques, I've put in an order for a gross of post it notes and a tree's worth of flip chart, I'm going to go to Staples to get the marker pens then I'm gonna sniff them, cos they smell nice.

I promise that I will try to avoid being a wedding bore, but I am reserving to blog anything funny, outrageous, bizarre or "come-the-revolutiony."

Return To Normal Service

I've been feeling a bit of an unwell bunny recently, very sore and tender throat on the left side, jaw ache and ear ache, probably a virus but... it's been going on for a wee while now and it's effecting my sleep and it hurts to lie down.

So I go to the doctor's and get told either it's a virus andthere'salotofitabout or I've managed to scratch my throat eating fish or something. Now I'm quite prepared to accept that I don't need an antibiotic as they won't do any good when the doc says that s/he thinks it's a virus and I agree with the idea that sometimes warmth and plenty of fluids are the best thing but I was told in such a peremptory way. I left the surgery feeling that I had completely missed out on the magical "Seeing The Doctor Will Make It Start Getting Better" effect that I normally get when I've been to see them before in situations like this.

What didn't help was that the sodding bus didn't turn up, I was there, at the bus stop, with about 5 minutes to spare, 45 minutes later I was still at the bus stop, slowly freezing and getting crosser and crosser.


The bus company is so bloody useless


  1. Sorry yer not well.

    Doubly sorry I 'missed' your wonderful wonderful news. Many congrats!

  2. Thanks Gordon, fortunately beginning to feel not so crappy.