10 December 2006

Has Anyone Else Seen This?

Radio Five Live's blog about blogs is looking for nominations for unsung blogs you know, the ones you enjoy but don't get the limelight like say Random Acts Of Reality does (and deserves too.)

Anyway here's the link mind you I'm not giving it because I want to be nominated, I really don't I'm not good enough for that sort of exposure, mind you neither is Dooce but that's another blog post I will write one day.


  1. a nice idea, although i imagine that soemone at radio 5 is going to get swamped with web addresses to plough through!

  2. Surprisingly enough there have been very few recommendations so far, so if you do have a fav underated blogger give it a whirl.

  3. Ooh - that's a lovely idea. And you're right about Dooce.