07 December 2006


I like bananas but bananas don't like me. I've known that I have an allergy to them for a while now and I've had to reluctantly avoid them.

Yesterday lunchtime I had my lunch in the canteen of one of the contractors I deal with. By mistake I took a pudding that had bananas in it, instead of leaving the pud when I discovered this I thought, "ack, it will probably be OK as they've been cooked or something" It wasn't I had the usual symptom a burning feeling in my mouth and my lips and tongue feeling funny which I've had before and it's dealable with. What was not dealable with was the stomach cramps and diarrhoea that hit that evening and I had cramps for the rest of the night and woke up with them today. So although it now seems to have passed, I was up to work today and I've been feeling more than a bit sorry for myself.


  1. Have you tried substituting banana with banoffee? It's a delicious alternative, but unfortunately usually only available in pie form.

  2. I'm afraid it was a banoffee sauce that did for me :-(

  3. Banoffee is such a foul name that the sound of it makes me queasy.

    Stomach upset, not nice. Real sympathy, not just polite commiserations.

  4. oooh, i didn't know you could be allergic to bananas, although thinking about it i suppose you can be allergic to anything i guess, anyhow, not pleasent for you really, hope you're all better now :)