13 November 2006

You Can't Say That About Valerie Singleton!

Joy of Joys
I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue is back for its all too brief 6 week run up to Christmas. After what feels like several decades of "Quote Unquote", the funny stuff has returned to Radio4 on Monday nights at 6:30pm.

'Clue as its devotees have been known to call it, is probably very familiar to most of the Brits reading this but for the colonial types the basic premise is:- four comedians being given silly things to do by Humphrey Lyttleton, an octogenarian jazz trumpeter, comedian and Magpie's stalkee. Starring the best and cheapest (this is a programme for the BBC after all) that British Comedy can cough up, it's silly, stupidly funny, very often a bit norty and has Jeremy Hardy not singing.

Whereas "Quote Unquote" is unfunny in such an exquisitely awful way, smug, lame, scripted, and just shite. Nigel Rees must have some very interesting negatives to have been able to keep the programme away from the scheduler's axe all this time.

Quick Poll?
I'm going to go for fish and chips for dinner tonight I think, I really fancy some chip butties. Chip Butties are the nectar of the gods in my humble opinion. Simon is not so convinced and my Dad thought that they were a dreadful northern invention. I think I'm right, but what does everyone else think?


  1. (chip butties)++

    Northern and western, then.

    Mmmm, I fancy a chip buttie now. Damn, if I hadn't just eaten my tea, too.

  2. Mmm... chip butties! Yum! With red sauce!

    Don't think it'd do my cholesterol level any favours, though... :-(

    And let's hear it for Radio 4 on Saturday mornings, too - the interview with Polly Conroy on Saturday Live was an inspiration to hear...


  3. Sorry Jane but you're both right. Chip butties are not the nectar of the gods for nectar is a liquid. Ambrosia was the food of the gods (which is why the pudding rice company chose that for its name). Clearly chip butties ARE ambrosia.

  4. Chip butties: Mmmmm.
    The chips just have to be cooked in beef dripping though, none of this namby-pamby sunflower oil.

    Other sandwiches from my Northern heritage: condensed milk, or brown bread, brown sugar and raw apple.

  5. Yep, chip butties with tomato ketchup.

    Keeping on with Isobel's idea about other sandwiches - am I the only one for whom cheese, salad cream and marmite is a delcacy?

  6. White sliced Sunblest bread.


    HP Sauce.

    Chips cooked in vege oil


  7. Eh? I doubt Mr Cobain had even heard of a chip butty! Shame, it would have done more for him than any anti-depressent.

    Anywho, yes - chip butties are indeed the modern Ambrosia. Mmmm, bit of red sauce... *drool*

    ISIHAC is back on? Did I miss the first show or does it start on Nov 20th? Genius is pretty good too, the one when Jonny Vegas was hilarious. :D

  8. It was on last night Sensi, but don't worry it will be repeated Sunday lunchtime or there is always listen again on t'internet.

  9. Thanks Selina I knew nectar wasn't quite the right word but couldn't think of the right one.

    Seems like a consenous then, Chip Butties are clearly a higher form of food although I'm a bit of a purest and don't put tomato or brown sauces on mine.

    Brown bread, scrape of butter or marge then the chips, salt and vinegar.


  10. Radio 4 is so good - and I agree with your verdict on SIHAC vs Quote Unquote... And chip butties - mine would be cheap white sliced bread with no marge, chips cooked in veg oil, with a bit of salt & vinegar.

  11. Greatest radio show ever. I love the outrageous innuendo about Lionel Blair, the master of Give Us a Clue: "who could forget when he tried to bring off Two Gentlemen of Verona without using his mouth@?

  12. Dearly as I love I'm Sorry I haven't a Clue, it's never been quite the same since Willie Rushton died.