17 November 2006

Sodding Fire Alarm

The building's fire alarm went off at "far too early" o'clock this morning, waking me up. So, after checking that the front door wasn't warm to the touch, I padded out into the hallway in warm cardie and jimjams (I know how to dress up in an emergency) The fire alarm control panel was flashing away but only the fault warning lights were flickering, the fire zone lights were resolutely dark. So I reset the alarm, the flashing stopped. The noise didn't. I reset it again and again. I tried the mute sound button, nada. I held it down and counted to ten hippopotamus I was still being deafened by the shrieking.

So I gave up to retreat to the living room and snooze. But couldn't and it has totally thrown my system out too add to that a largish lunch and a couple of glasses of wine all in celebration of a job well done, I was about ready for my beddy byes by the time Si got here from his big adventure in Milton Keynes.

I don't know what we are going to do this weekend, well I do know some of it, it's my niece's 6th birthday on Monday, I need to get her a light postable present, the card has gone ahead so that will definitely arrive on time but this week I've just not had a chance to get to the shops to look for a suitable present.

I was thinking about getting her a cheap and user friendly digital camera for her Christmas present, but I was wondering is 6 a bit too young to be able to manage a digital camera? Does anyone with experience of youngsters have views about this. She's an intelligent child but will she have the manual dexterity and patience?


  1. Re Camera:

    My Dad believed that if I could hold something I was old enough to use it. I think that was an excuse to get me using the kettle to make him coffees early, but it worked. I've been using scalpels since primary school.

    As long as the camera isn't worth a huge deal, she'll be fine. I once lent mine to a 4 year old, and she took some amazing pictures with it. It's well worth it, but try to make sure it's not too complicated ;)

  2. Thanks Charlee, must admit that what I thought too but it's really nice to have it confirmed. So camera it is then!