17 November 2006

Now That's What I Call Real Classy

Suffolk man tries to sue his former partner - BBC News

Seems very mean spirited and arseholey to me, I'm amazed any solicitor would take this on.

The Royal Mail have a useful address and post code finder, you are limited in the number of searches you can do per day but for most peeps that isn't going to matter.


  1. I wonder how much the case cost him? And if he got it on Legal Aid or not?

  2. "Mr McGuire said he was not surprised at the result." That made me chuckle.

    Thanks for the Royal Mail link, very useful

  3. £1,000 in three years!!!! Mean sod! And who would want to wake up next to that face!

    Or am I being mean? Or has trying to arrange for Ex to pay back the money he OWES me jaded my view?