27 November 2006

Does Anyone Know Any Poems About Conservation Officers?

Cos I got a hit from someone who needs to know.

"poem describing what a conservation officers does"

Although I did recently invest in some English Poetry I don't know of any such poems. But being the helpful sort I thought I could write some so channelling the spirit of McGonagall I did this

I am a conservation officer,
I like to save the bees,
They are very important,
as they fertilise the trees

Then I realised that the searcher was probably thinking of the buildings sort of conservation officer but I can't think of anything that rhymes with cornice at the mo.


  1. Splendid ode, but rather more in the style of Pam Ayres than McGonagall, I thought?

  2. Yep it probably is, which is a nasty thought. ;)

  3. Pumice sought of goes...

  4. Thank you Beki

    "As I sat in the bath with the pumice
    I wondered what the conservation officer
    would say about the cornice."

    Might work in a John Hegly stylee. Or perhaps not.