04 November 2006

Alcoholic Marinade

We are having fajitas tonight, I've just made a marinade for the chicken strips. Rum, honey, lime juice, chilli flakes, coriander cumin and of course garlic, the whole lot is now in the fridge I'll give it an hour or so before cooking it. I would have made a salsa tonight to go it the fajitas but I forgot to get the tomatoes and Si wasn't feeling brilliant so we finished the shopping fastish in order to get home.

He is looking a lot perkier now, working out how to use Aperture 1.5 on his laptop, So hopefully he'll be strong enough to pour us both a drink come yardarm time, I've still got some of the rum left or there is some Pimms from summer and there is coke and lemonade cooling in the fridge. Si has a very sensible attitude to drink; he is most abstemious compared to past boyfriends and I like that. I've reached the point where the night before doesn't justify the hangover the next day. Thankfully I think I've found my groove where I can have a sociable drink or five but not get lairy or maudlin Si not being a huge drinker is nice because he encourages me in this sensibleness.

Having said all that though - Charm and Poise has the perfect book in her vintage collection.

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