18 September 2006

Memento Mori

I heard today that a chap from work that I liked and respected, died on Friday night of a heart attack while on holiday in Spain. David wasn't that old about 50 max he was respected and almost universally liked by his colleagues as far as I can tell. It is such a shame and I feel for his poor partner who was on holiday with him, it must have been awful for her.

I was trying to describe David to young Ady in the office and all I could do was fall back on platitude and cliche it shouldn't be so hard to describe someone you like. David without being creepy or strange could compliment the "ladies" whilst treating us as rational, intelligent interesting people, he had a sense of fun and an interest in life that hadn't been diminished by the travails of life and work. I'm drifting back into cliche again I find it hard not too.

I would like to go to the funeral if possible but there is a chance I will miss it because I'm supposed to be going to Germany (it's work not fun, honest) tail end of next week.

Sometimes it does not seem fair.


  1. Just because they're now considered cliches doesn't mean that they're not fitting.
    Sounds like a good bloke. Shame.

  2. Hi Jane,

    I agree David was an old fashioned gentleman with a glint in his eye. He will be sadly missed. I shall be joining others to raise a glass in his honour, something he would definately approve of! :-)