10 September 2006


I've just spoken to my mum She had just spoken to the vet. We had agreed earlier that if there was something that could be done for her that would work quickly and with the minimum of invasive intervention then we would go with that, however if there wasn't then the kindest thing for Kitty would be to put her to sleep. The vet thought she had congestive heart failure and that she hadn't long anyways, so as we agreed mum has asked the vet to put Kitty to sleep. It is honestly the kindest thing, the poor cat hated vet treatment so much that she has had to be given oxygen before when going to the vet for routine things. It would have been cruel to put her thru more when the outcome was so doubtful.

Edited for sense 23:09 10/9/06


  1. Sorry to hear about this Jane.

    Losing a pet is never easy, they do become part of the family. I'm bad enough just with silly hamsters.

    Take care.


  2. I'm so sorry to hear that. You are of course completely right that it is the best course of action under those circumstances. ({)

  3. Thanks Jo, Charlee, yep they do work there way in there even when they barely show an iota of affection.

    Knowing it was the best thing doesn't stop it from being so sad though.