13 September 2006


First off iTunes and Coca Cola are doing a promotion in the UK buy a 500ml bottle of diet coke and get one free itune. Can get up to 5 free tunes considering the cost of a bottle of coke is about 79p this isn't a bad freebie.

I bought Don't You Want Me by the Human League as my first free tune.

Second off iTunes 7 has come out, Si and I have spent most of the evening enjoying one of the new features, it now streams the album artwork in a manner that reeks of Apple Mac. It looks lovely, iTunes can now find most artwork if you don't mind Apple knowing your dodgy taste in music. Now if they could only add tagging to iTunes then I think they would have a really tops product.


  1. The new iTunes is good, but Quicktime 7.1.3 really doesn't like FireFox - all Flash functions are dead! Which means YouTube is down with all hands.

    Damn you Apple!

  2. Is that a screengrab from your iTunes? I'm impressed with your 'starts with a bracket' songs.

    or should that be

    (I'm Impressed by) Your Songs Starting with a Bracket

  3. Hiya Sensei - So far so good I've not had any problems with YouTube.

    Billy it sure is. Well I made sure I was well away from all the naff music in my collection.