02 August 2006

Beta Band

I'm watching a programme about the denial of oxygen for the IRA which happened in the late 1980s and early 1990s. It was a stupid idea let idiots condemn themselves in their own words and voice. It didn't reduce violence it just gave the IRA and Sinn Féin an added romance. What caused a semblance of peace in the province was terrorists sitting down with government and negotiating.

But hush my mouth that idea is heresy to some.

Oooh forgot to say - this post is called Beta Band because throughout the programme they were using the bands music which struck me a very odd.


  1. Heresy to some but plain common sense to others.

  2. While it may have lead to (some, predominantly in OirishMerkaLand) added romance, it certainly didn't increase their core vote in their heartlands. This is more as their core vote is a loyalty vote, an unthinking an unquestioning vote. (Towit: I was sitting in the heart of Republican territory in West Belfast last weekend, discussing with such things with ostracised dissenters. And how Big Lies are told and become truth for the masses. I digress.)

    The starvation of oxygen of publicity by Mrs. T was a dumb thing to do. Should have had them on the national news trying to defend the slaughter of civilians, the beating and torturing of their own, their racketeering and thought-control.

    Peace was caused by terrorists talking to government? Don't believe that for any length of time, Jane. It wasn't anything to do with that. The IRA lost, and the Brits didn't win. I could go on (and have done before) about such revisionist historical leanings.

    It was a messy, localised, sometime brutal three decades. Where a few thousand people died. Not really Rwanda, was it? Nor was it Yugoslavia. Irish (especially from the North) are the biggest MOPEry, self-aggrandising, whinging, self-important bunch of yahoos about. Shower of tramps the lot of them.

    Aside from all that, sure don't the Beta Band suck.