03 June 2006

I love Morrisons

This is the Morrisons in King's Lynn
Simon doesn't he describes it as "That Chavvy Northern shop where they sell lard" I think this is most unfair. True the clientele when we shopped there last night were not mostly ABC1's but you can say the same for any Tesco round here.

When I was a poor student and then a very poor unemployed person in Sheffield it was Morrisons (and Netto) that helped me keep body and soul together and the threat of scurvy away. Morrisons is cheap and good quality, I think it's great. Yes it does do northern specialties such as Stones Bitter and many types of mushy peas, but only selling lard? Au contraire Simon I think not, it had fresh meat, fish and deli counters long before the local Tesco's did.

As for Chavviness? Well we were walking through the delightful centre of King's Lynn this lunchtime when we overheard, well we could hardly miss him as he was bellowing, a father call for his small daughter, "Oi Chicago, git yourself 'ere" I think that the town has more to answer for that than the shop.

This afternoon we took a look at the ruined church of Bawsey photos are here


  1. Kate Weston04 June, 2006

    Round here you often hear "Oi get here now!" sometimes embellished with "or I'll rip your head off!"
    The tenderness of parental love knows no bounds.

  2. "Chavvy NORTHERN shop"?! Just cuz he can't pronounce bath properly.

  3. Anonymous05 June, 2006

    found this blog by mistake (honest guv) - but Morrisons really! most of the people who work there (yes I know a few) dont shop there - says it all!

  4. Anon - there is no need to apologise for coming across this blog.

    I used to work at Safeways and most of the people who worked there didn't shop there, it's not a very meaningful marker.