11 June 2006

Gone Down to London.

I went to see a West End musical last night first time, it was great. Mind you it was "The Producers" which as it was based on a film first was guaranteed to have some form of plot and boy what a plot that was, and not just be a show where you come out humming the sets. It was impressive, exceptionally funny in places, the sets looked smashing, the cast gave it some welly, the chap who played Fritz the German would have been in danger for stealing the show had his part been any bigger.

Anyhoo I wasn't intending to go into a full blown review of the show, no what I had intended mentioning was this.

It's a Muriel!

As we were enjoying our pre show drinks in the grand circle saloon of the theatre we became mesmerised by the rather dodgy triptych above the bar. We could recognise some of the faces, but why was something so amateurish hanging up in Drury Lane Theatre? You'd have thought that they could afford to get a few works in by real artists. Hell most artists would happily exhibit there for free if they thought there was a chance of sales.

It wasn't until we were enjoying our interval drinks, that we realised after taking a gander at a few more of the poor paintings on display that they were all by Ronnie Wood, he of The Rolling Stones, the one who fancies himself as a bit of an artist.

Bit of a shame he's not very good.

Ronnie Wood Can't Paint

And that is one of the better ones too.

The theatre was full of them, I guess he's "mates" with Andrew Lloyd Webber such is the way of show business I guess.


  1. Gotta say, if you think that's his worst art, have you heard the Stones? Take away his axe and give him a Dick Blick gift certificate.

  2. At least it stops him from persuing his singing "career".

  3. Gosh, those are awful. My eyes! My eyes!

  4. I must say Janey-poos, he's got David Aaronowich off to a tee, hasn't he? Not so sure about Victoria Wood in the middle though. And as for David Platt off Corrie - why is he wearing a Sea Devil outfit for heaven's sake???

    btw could you possibly use a slightly less ornate type-face on the wrod vercification thingy? It's damn tricky trying to decypher it when your off your mash on crack cocaine with a pair of 40 deniers over your head....

  5. You can all bugger off. Ronnie has great talent. You may not like it, but many others do.

    I would love to see what works you can produce. Now those would be horrific.

  6. Anon popularity has nothing to do with talent. Which when it comes to Ronnie Wood's art is a good thing.