26 May 2006

Still Here


As is patently obvious, the Earth was not hit by a comet, there was not grand conspiracy by the UN, or the EU, or the Russian Mafia or even Elvis to keep "The Truth"™ hidden from "The People"™ because it was the figment of someones dodgy astronomical skills.

The forum has disappeared as Joanna discovered, hopefully those who believed him haven't done anything too rash and will learn from this bit of foolishness but somehow I doubt it.

Bank Holiday

Got the day off today which is nice and with the bank holiday on Monday it makes for a long weekend. Becky came over to mine last night and I went back with her to Lynn this morning, she is currently slaving over a hot computer at work while I'm listening to the radio and drinking coffee. Tomorrow we go oop North to visit friends so expect pictures of the Humber Bridge in the near future.

Hope you all have a nice Bank Holiday if you are in Britain and if you are not - well have a nice weekend.


  1. Have a great weekend.

    And apparently, Americans get a long weekend this weekend too....

  2. I work for Comet and we have an office in Hull, you off there or over the bridge?

    Never been on/across the bridge and i go to Hull once a month.

  3. James - Our friends live north of Hull, I'm not sure if we have to cross the bridge or not but we are planning to make it part of our intinary

  4. Have a fine Bank Holiday!

    And if you return from the grimness of t'north, and happen to be about Cromer at some point next week, and you spot me looking hassled and forlorn (as I am on holiday) do say hello.