13 May 2006

Road To Wemberley Wembley Cardiff

The FA Cup final is on today Liverpool versus West Ham, Liverpool are favourites, I don't really care, I'm neutral the Owls were knocked out very early on.

Kick Off is at 3pm the Beeb are going through that annual ritual - "The Road To Wembley" cept it the Millennium Stadium Cardiff as Wembley is still not finished.

We've had "How They Got There", "Great Teams Of The Past", "Early Arrival Of The Fans" now they are doing "Celebrity Fans" West Ham are winning this one in the credibility stakes with professional Bloke Billy Bragg and Phil Jupitus. Professional Scouser and unfunny git Bloody Jimmy Tarbuck has been rolled out as the Liverpool fan.

Once upon a time we would have had both ITV and the BBC doing this, this was in the days of having only 3 then 4 channels so there was a real battle to attract viewers to your channel before the match started.

They've just introduced the panel, oh no - Alan Shearer, possibly the most boring man in football this does not bode well to world cup coverage now I am looking forward to that.

Anyways I've got to go check on the patient so let me leave you in the hands of Betty who is putting forward an eloquent argument for why you should be supporting West Ham.

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