04 May 2006

Nurse, The Screens!

It's a beautiful out there, the sun is shining people are walking about in shirtsleeves, the trees have bright vibrant green leaves on them.

I'm going to Happy Hour this afternoon with a friend, there is a good chance we will sit outside in the beer garden with a jug of pimms so this timely advice from the Guardian "Burning Questions" was useful. It reminded me that my sunblock is in the bathroom cupboard, not on me, D'oh. I don't do sunbathing, it's boring and it's bad for you, I think since 1989 I've deliberately sat out in the sun on two occasions, both were when we went to Cuba on holiday and even then I had my trusty factor 25 in my hand and spent most of my time "shade bathing". I need the sun screen because I catch the bus to and from work, there is almost no shade at either bus stop and the buses are rarely on time. Fortunately my friend Anne who I'm going to happy hour with doesn't do sun bathing either so we Will both be happy sitting in the shade and drink our pimms.

Now that spring is here with avengence I need to buy some summer shoes, get some more linen trousers and of course more sun block. Guess what we are doing this weekend Becky!


  1. "there is a good chance we will sit outside in the beer garden with a jug of pimms "

    I wanna come!!!!!!!

  2. That sounds like bliss *sigh*

    I guess I'll have to out shopping for summer clothes now. I don't have any at all since the is the first summer for 5 years I haven't been preggers or feeding - and now I'm skint! typical:-(

  3. Hi Gillian and Mrs A - In the end I had a cider and Anne a soft drink because she had to drive, but it was bliss and very very relaxing.