01 May 2006


Home now, the cat is under the bed, I'm looking after her because my mum is having a new kitchen floor laid and Mum doesn't want to have paw prints in the tile cement.

Sophie's bbq was a success no-one as far as I'm aware has got food poisoning and we are all still talking to each other. Sophie did her impression of the "youth of today"

Sophie not getting enough 'Respec'

Much alcohol was consumed, I don't remember taking this photo at all, in fact I'm fairly positive I didn't.


The evening ended with a push to Curzon's or the watching of Dr Who, I watched Dr Who, probably the more sensible option because was getting to the point where another drink would have been too many. As it was we woke up feeling a tad jaded but otherwise not too fuzzy.

Laid Back

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