09 May 2006

Getting Excited Now

Have you seen this! There is a Poster, a cut out and keep sticker book and 6, yes 6 (I counted them all) free stickers. It's making me giddy with anticipation I'm not sure that I can wait til Saturday for Doctor Who.

Of course there are some nay sayers who contend that the new style cybermen are not scary! Pah what do they know?

As I said, can't wait. Posted by Picasa


  1. Princess Lucky09 May, 2006

    You can see his brains!

  2. Balthazar09 May, 2006

    Oooh... me likey!

  3. I'll miss it cause I'll be in hereford, but dad's gunna tape it.

  4. i don't like his funny robot teeth, actually he looks quite scary here, i am very excited about this, especially as i missed last weeks :(

  5. Hello Balthazar and Princess Lucky welcome to the blog!

    Hi Steph I'm sure it will be worth the wait and enjoy yourself in Hereford.

    Freiya - you must find a way of seeing last week's episode if you have to beg borrow or steal a copy, it was absolutely cracking. And it had nice frocks

  6. Is it on tonight? what time?

  7. Hel - it's on at 7:15 BBC1!