15 April 2006

Search, Searchy time things

Like any other self respecting blogger I love looking at my stats finding out how people found the blog

Someone from the BBC with "A letter from Mrs Trellis of North Wales" could it have been the famous Samatha herself?

Leaving Speech - been very popular this one. Best advice I can give, is keep it shortish, vaguely light hearted one or two amusing anecdotes, say something about their best achievements and how much you'll miss them and wish them all the best for the future. If you are the one leaving keep it short, vaguely amusing say how much you'll miss them all say thanks for the vase/clock/golf clubs and wish everyone the best for the future.

Stop Drooling Sleep - I have thanks since it ruined the keyboard.

Frankie and Benny's in Kings Lynn has proven to be a long term favourite as have searchers looking for "Becky's blog kings lynn" or my favourite "Sexy Blogger Kings Lynn" cos I was 2nd Becky was 3rd!

God - someone doing a search of blogs from Singapore, Singapore, Singapore as it's reported on my vistor tracker, so good they, erm named it 3 times.

Someone in Japan looking for "annette sniffs her boots and socks" oh dear lord no!

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  1. ...er....if you see Annette...can you get her to contact..........oh oops .
    Sorry Jane wrong blog.