24 April 2006

Good Bye Tom Baker Hello K9

Saw this in the Guardian on my way home from Lynn this morning. Tom Baker no longer to be the voice of BT Texts Simon reminded me that it was only a temporary appointment, but it seems a very short three months.

Really enjoyed this Saturday's episode, David Tennet is excellent as Dr Who. I didn't think the opening episode was as bad as it was painted, it was too busy though, with so many ideas in it that didn't get a full and proper exploration. Also science fiction it maybe but they need to watch that they don't rely on wildly bad science such as mixing all the intravenous antidotes together then spraying them on the zombies to cure them who then can pass that cure on, as a plot device.

It was so crap it hurt.

But we've got K9 next week and Anthony Head of Buffy fame can't wait.

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  1. Shame, the tom baker texts were so cool :( how do you select your gender voice in the new system?