01 March 2006

Where's the £50 million?

As found by a colleague of mine who was too bored for work.

Blag Cash Auction

The coverage of this robbery is almost as interesting as the hunt for the "criminal masterminds."

Just compare the coverage of the Guardian to the Mail .

- The Guardian describes it as a "mock Tudor mansion" and it's owner as a local businessman. Mostly a very dry and factual report on the raid and it's aftermath.

The Mail by way of contrast have on the front page, a picture of the man said to own the farm, his shirt unbuttoned to his navel arms wrapped round a young woman who the paper describes as a strippogram. But before you all rush out to get a copy, she is fully dressed and the picture must be at least 15 years old judging by her hair and makeup. The article accompanying the photo spends time painting a picture of the man, John Fowler, as being a little bit "close to the edge" and a wheeler dealer tycoon.


  1. Me too Jess. I'm waiting for the Mail to link the robbery to Bird Flu and Immigrants... And for the Express to somehow link it to the plot to kill Diana