20 March 2006

Twenty Eight And A Half Minutes of Teeth Grinding Awfulness

OH NO....

There is yet another bloody series of "Quote Unquote".

I'm sorry to be so parochial here colonial readers but Quote Unquote is deeply deeply unfunny, unsparkling, awful. How it has lasted so long, well I just don't know and answers on a postcard would be appreciated. Nigel Rees punts very very easy questions at the guests, who to a man have a book to sell or the mortgage for the Gite to pay and by God they will go on about it. The guests then pretend not to be able to answer the question just to drag the thing out, throw in a few lame jokes to check that the audience (bused in from the nearest geriatric ward, I'm sure) are still alive then finally get round to admitting that yes they do know who wrote "It is a far far better thing I do now etc etc." If the guest forgets to puff his product during the show Nigel will do it for them as part of his matey chat.

It is the Radio 4 version of Last Of The Summer Wine. Gone past it's sell by date by at least 29 years

It is awful.


  1. Come on Jane, don't blog between the lines: tell us what you really think :-)

  2. Your not keen then?

  3. Yes...but don't you just love the way that other shows take the piss? It's the frequent butt of jokes on I'm sorry I haven't a clue.

  4. Selina, am I beating about the bush again? Gah you know that's my problem - being too shy to say what I think ;-D

    Sim - No most definately not, so much so that I subconciously failed to link to the awful show even thought I thought I had.

    Clair - It's the only saving grace but they could take the micky out of it and shunt it to the grave-yard slot before farming today.