04 March 2006

On A Whim

Obligatory Bullring Picture
Originally uploaded by Jane Goth.
Simon and I decided to go Birmingham to do a bit of shopping. We bimbled around the Bullring centre people watching and looking at the shiny things in shop windows, I wandered into the Apple Mac shop to see if it still smelt of wee. It didn't now obviously last time one of their customers got a bit over excited. Still very crowded though.

We went to Selfridges to look at the overexpensive clothes and the food hall. I have recently discovered what wonderful products M.A.C make so I had to visit their concession there. The range of colours their eyeshadows come is stunning and comprehensive. I was oohhing at the shades when one of the assistants asked me if I wanted help and when I said "I loved the colours but..." she offered to demonstrate some eyeshadows on me. I was in there like a shot. She was very good as well she gave me a mirror so I could watch what she was doing where possible. I am now the proud owner of three new MAC eyeshadows ricepaper, green-smoke and humid a kohl pencil - Rosemary and Thyme and a new lipstick - house wine for those that are interested.

Yes it is more expensive than Rimmel or Number 7 but compared to Clarins or L'ancome or Estee Lauder it's either on a par or a bit cheaper and the colours are so intense and go on so well that the little pots will last for postively ages.

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  1. I can vouch for the range of quality stuff and the helpfulness of the assistants at the MAC shop, I'm a regular visitor to their Nottingham one. Ever tried to ask the staff at the makeup counter in Boots for help?

    On another note, how can you get so excited over an Apple Mac?