22 March 2006

The Network Failure Blues

Woke up this morning (der da di dum).
Went into work (der da di dun).
Found the computers were working (der da di dun)
Only intermittently (der dah di dum)
And then at lunchtime (der deh de dum)
We had to turn them off (der deh di dum)
For site wide diagnostic testing, oh my!

Yeah baby, I've got the network failure blues,
Can't do no work as we have no server connectivity!

Can't email my baby (der da di dum)
To see how he is (der da di dun)
Can't surf no blogs (der dah di dum)
The whole site is down ( der di dah dun)
Can't write no letter to the big contractor man (dar der di dum)
Can't update the spreadsheet (der deh di dun)
And there are only so many old files to be read, oh yeah

Oh Baby I've got the net work failure blues
Cos no one knows when the local area network's gonna be fixed.
(and repeat to fade)

written at work, but for obvious reasons, blogged at home.

1 comment:

  1. I feel your pain, sister.