11 March 2006

List O Link type thingy II and a political mini rant

Spitfire - The Haynes Manual
- For a certain type of person this will one of the most interesting books out in the near future (and I half way there to being one of the them. I love watching all sorts of aircraft and would have a quick shufty at this book.)

Also I was gobsmacked the other day when I read in the Guardian a comment piece by Johnathan Steele in defence of the current Belarusian Leader - Alexander Lukashenko a virtual dictator a country where free speech is stifled, there are political prisoners and people had disappeared for opposing his leadership. The gist of Steele's piece is that the west's main opposition is because the Belarusian economy is stable yet still owned by the state. He also implies that we should tolerate this man because the means of production are still state controlled. This is bollocks - Lukashenko is the ex-communist answer to General Pinochet not worthy of support at all.

This Guardian article has more details. Europe's last dictatorship


  1. Thinking about it a bit further what I want to say, is that it offends me that just because Lukashenko is/was some form of socialist that some on the left think he is defendable. NO he isn't he should be condemned even more because he is discrediting socialism and the left of centre. Just as instead of getting cozy with Pinochet the conservatives should have condemned him because he tarnished the right.

    Well that is what I think because I believe it is possible to get stable economies democratically and dissapearing people is never ever acceptable

  2. Love the Spitfire link - forwarded on to some friends who'll enjoy that.

    And I agree that disappearing people are never acceptable... bloody rude indeed. One minute you're deep in conversation, the next, as you glance across the room at someone else, *poof* they're gone. No manners at all...

    Seriously though, I think you are right but i'm not entirely sure that's the best written piece the Guardian has ever published. Tolerating people is one thing, defending them is another. Yes it's a fine line between the two.

  3. My first thought about the Spitfire was 'Hey, I already own thon Haynes manual.'


    Then I reread it, and, by gum, sure enough I *will* own that one soon too. Must go to Duxford again RSN...you know, it is great to sit in the back garden and watch the Spitfires and (my faves) the Hurricanes flying overhead. *sigh*

  4. Woooowwwwwwww I think I'll add that to my collection of Haynes manuals. I love the spitfire, I watched one cavort over a proms I went to last year while the Dambusters March was played (yeah I know, it was still good).

    Damn it was moving, sheesh I'm getting choked up just thinking about it, what a machine.