14 March 2006

Advance Australia Fair

Australia - great country, on the whole, great people, culture, night life with vibrant cities and awesome countryside.

What it is not, is headline news when its Prime Minister says there may be a chance that after Brenda pops her clogs Australia will become a Republic.

Dear Mr Producer At BBC Ten O'clock news - That isn't headline news - not in Britain - may be in Australia, but here most people couldn't give a dingo's kidney whether Australia becomes a republic or not. It would have no effect on Great Britain's wealth, status or geopolitical power if Australia becomes a republic. We would only care if they made Kylie/Russell Crowe the first president and then only if she was sworn in wearing hot pants/he was sworn in after head butting the ambassador from Luxembourg. (see I had to get a link of Reuters because the online news doesn't think it's news yet.)

I'm all for international news but please, can it be news?


  1. No this could be very bad , apart from drunken vagrants Austrailias' other export, the Macadamia nut could be effected. Then what do you eat with cocktails?

    (by the way should that not be a fetit dingos' kidney, if I have the reference correct?)

  2. How about this for international news.

    The US Congress is going to allow Puerto Rico another chance to break away. Everyone in the USA wishes it would, as would the rich people in Puerto Rico. The poor would like things to remain as they are. Nobody else in the world could give a aquirt of rat urine what happens.

    I think the Auzzies will remain as they are. Governor Generals really do not have any power - they pretty much act on the advice of the Prime Minister. The whole queen thing is really just style over substance.

  3. Oh please.... Russell is a New Zealander and we gave you Kylie a long time ago and we DON'T want her back... God please don't give her back....

    Seriously though I am so glad that you told me this cause our local media must have thought that it was such a news worthy story that they refused to run it. Hell the only reason we aren't a republic already is that we are too bloody lazy to get off our ass and take Lizzie's head off the back of our coins....

    BTW the expression Dingo's kidneys is used exclusively by Australians when abroad... when at home we just say, "'couldn't give a rats ass", and that one expression pretty much sums up most Aussie's attitude to becoming a republic.

  4. Dingos Kidneys?

    But I was bought up on the teachings of Kevin Bloody Wilson and thought you all said DILLIGAF?

  5. Connie - Stop drooling!

    Sim - Yes you are right I was inspired by Hitchhikers

    Iggy - I'm sure you are right it's also probably cheaper to have a head of state that don't have to pay for.

    Cathii - Hi and welcome. Russell Crowe, I know he was born in New Zealand:-D. But that's part of my point, most Brits don't give a stuff. After all Australia and NZ are only "that far apart" on the map (imagine finger and thumb being held about 5 cms apart), at least Russell was born in the same hemisphere unlike those other famous Australian actors Mel Gibson and Guy Pearce ;-)

    Though I'm sure that as a Proud Son Of Austrialian Soil Sir Les Patterson would be willing to take the job ;-D

  6. I'd vote for Sir Les.... although I would probably vote for Dame Edna too. Have you ever noticed how you never see those two in the same room.... They must really hate each other. :p

    It is fine for a New Zealander to be confused with being Australian, afterall thats like upgrading from economy to business. BUT don't ever confuse Australians for being from NZ. Blood could be spilt. Kinda like me calling all Pommies, French. Just some friendly words of advise :)

    Kevin Bloody Wilson..... ahhhhhh A true Aussie representative. However I think he should be at the UN for us, much more useful there than as president of our country.